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Available at TJ’s or from selected Deli’s and Supermarkets in Bali.


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All our products are produced in our kitchens in Bali, use 100% local products and have no artificial Flavorings or colorings.

Corn Tortillas

Pile them high with salads or roll and stuff them with savory fillings, fry or bake.

Flour Tortillas

Rolled and stuffed with savory fillings, dry griddle with cheese, bake or deep fry, can also be used as wraps – Try a North African filling or how about something Asian?

Tortillas Baskets

Fantastic for a wide range of salads, you can eat the plate as well!!

Tortillas Chips

Plain, spicy or multigrain, great with dips and melted cheese, the best nachos plate.

Cocktail Shells

What an original and unique way to serve your hors douvres or finger food.

Taco Shells

Of course they make great tacos, but you can use them for seafood or salads as well.


Deep fried, served with guacamolle and soured cream – A mouth watering starter.


These Flour tortillas are stuffed with spicy chicken and cheese – Mexican spring rolls!!

Enchillada Fillings

With beef or chicken to choose from and served in taco shells or flour tortillas you’re already halfway there without preparing a thing.


The latest and most popular Mexican dish. A Californian favourite. Chicken or beef.


Mild tomato, hot smoked or mango tamarilla, use on their own as dips or bar snacks with our corn chips, also great as condiments with seafood and grilled meats.

Hot Sauce

Just as it sounds, but this is not a sambal! It has a unique flavor that is just perfect with Mexican food.

Taco Sauce

If you want to serve a traditiional taco or enchillada then it just to have this sauce for that Mexican flavour.